Tammy Morales calls on City Council and Mayor to stop wasteful “rebranding” expenses

“What an offensive waste of money!” said Tammy Morales. “Why is the Seattle Public Library approving this kind of spending? And where are the Mayor and Council on all this? We have children in Seattle in dire straits and they need services, not a new sign on the door.”

That the money is reportedly coming from the Seattle Library Foundation is no excuse. This effort could not have been started without the explicit approval of the Library Di
rector. Coordination and communication between the library and its Foundation is clear. According to its own website, “the Foundation acts as the “fundraising arm” of the Library. If you want to support the Library with a donation, your gift goes to the Foundation. We work with the Library to identify the best way donors gifts can enhance the Library and meet the ever changing needs of the community.”

“The $365,000 is probably only the tip of the iceberg. How much more will be spent on new signs, stationary, business cards, and website updates, and who will pay? How much public employee time will go into this effort? With so much need right now, the Seattle Public Library Foundation should be soliciting funds for resources, services, and additional hours to improve access and opportunity for our children, not the Library’s logo.”

“Additionally, with important levies such as Move Seattle and the Housing Trust Fund coming up, I am deeply concerned about how this type of frivolous expenditure makes voters feel about giving more of their money to government or quasi-governmental entities.”

“I love the Seattle Public Library and their awesome employees. But their leadership is letting them down. Bruce Harrell, as vice chair of the Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, and Gender Pay Equity Committee, here’s a chance to show you care more about substance than image – call on the Library to stop this waste of money!”

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